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What I do and what this is...

On any given weekend you can catch me in the train (my 21ft long truck) chasing down the concert of my choice even if that requires a lengthy drive, I must get my live music fix and I've been doing it that way for at least 15 years now... That in itself is something else I love to do, travel, it's been in my blood for as long as I can remember, on a plane, crammed in a bus, or with myself at the wheel I honestly don't care just get me there... I'd hate to miss something... I often tell people that I will make a living at it one day and I will find a way, you just hide and watch... It's worth mentioning that I myself get to play my own songs that I have written in my travels from time to time, although I consider myself a writer before a performer there is no thrill that holds a candle close to being a long way from home and a stranger coming up and shaking your hand because they enjoyed the music that you have created... Nothing like it... Note: since writing this (3 years ago) I have left a welding carrier of around a-hundred grand a year to work behind the scenes at the very shows I've been attending for so long, making a very small fraction of the money I used to but making more smiles and goosebumps than ever before...

This blog is much like step #1in a series of things I am working on at the time, you will hear more about the others later on in the year... People have been asking me for such a website for years now, saying they've been keeping up with me on Facebook or Snapchat but I assure you there is no one particular way to keep up... I am always on the move with work and dreams so, this is for those folks who like to read more so than interact with comments or re-tweets or what have you... This blog type website will not take the place of all that but it will provide another avenue for me to share my experiences with up to date videos, writings, and story's from the present and past as well; most are meant to be comical and easy to relate to while others may not be so funny... Also my seventh grade science teacher Mr. Trapp taught me what I call "free writing" which is basically writing whatever is on your mind at the time without concern for what comes out or who it may offend, you generally have the protection of privacy in doing so but I want yall to enjoy my stories as much as I've enjoyed making them... You will see a lot of this "free writing" in this blog type site... Plus, no crazy person from the past can post obscene or tacky comments on what I have to say, I like that part the most... Please give me feedback, though, when you do see me and tell me what you think and maybe shake my hand or give me a hug but as my grandmother Alice Toon would say: " If you ain't got nothing good to say, don't say nothing at all"... Hope yall enjoy this thing as much as I will making it... -NathanAlanToon


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